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Benefits of a Staycation

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Benefits of a Staycation

Everyone needs a vacation at some point. When you think of vacations, you probably think of new places and sights. Traveling for a vacation comes with months of planning and money spent on hotels, airfare, and dining. But what if you took long-distance travel out of the equation? What if you could just stay at home, spend less, and still indulge in a relaxing time away from your day-to-day life? Enter the staycation: the best way to stay at home and earn that much-needed rest.

A staycation is the idea of creating a vacation where you already are. The first and very obvious advantage is that it’s much less expensive! The cost of airfare, a cruise, or large amounts of gas to fill your car are gone. And you definitely don’t need to pay for hotel accommodations! Everyone knows sleeping in your own bed is the best feeling at the end of the night. Already, your cost is more than cut in half. But the benefits of a staycation go far beyond travel costs.

Low Stress

While vacations are meant to be relaxing, more often than not, the pressures of travel cause a great deal of stress. Between catching your flight, packing, and finding your way around a new location, some people end up spending more time “traveling” than they do relaxing while on vacation. By staying at home, you are already familiar with your surroundings. You are able to set your own timeframe and worry less about packing as many activities into one trip. Plus, staying at home allows everyone to feel more comfortable, giving your family extra time to spend together. Use this time to catch up on the things that regularly fall to the bottom of your “want” list. Is there a book you’ve been meaning to check out from the library, a movie you’ve wanted to see? Catch up on all these activities while you can. That way, you will be more relaxed and ready to return to the everyday busyness of life.

Time to Explore Your Hometown

A staycation provides your family an opportunity to discover the exciting things happening in your own backyard! From exploring nearby cities, to the parks and museums in your own town, staying at home doesn’t have to mean a lack of entertainment. Any particular events happening in your hometown that you’ve always wanted to check out but never had the time? This is the perfect time to give some of those local attractions a chance!

Appreciation for Your Home

Staying at home will give you a better appreciation for where you come from, and the people that surround you. Spending time with those you care about most will allow you to be a stronger unit when everyone returns to their normal schedules. Take the time to step back and recognize that sometimes the best place is right where you are.

A staycation can provide all the same comforts and luxuries of a vacation if you allow yourself to indulge and get creative with your time. A decrease in travel costs will save you a chunk of money, giving you some freedom to spend it on other activities in your hometown. Be sure to consider a staycation when you need some time away. Getting away from it all isn’t always as far as you think.

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